Beth Ditto became 'incredibly resourceful' at an early age

Beth Ditto learned self-reliance at an early age credit:Bang Showbiz
Beth Ditto learned self-reliance at an early age credit:Bang Showbiz

Beth Ditto became "incredibly resourceful" after growing up in modest surroundings.

The 43-year-old star - who is best known as the lead singer of Gossip - believes that her personality has been shaped by her upbringing in Judsonia, Arkansas.

Beth - who is the middle of seven children - told the BBC: "If we wanted something, it wasn't like. 'You've got to work for it and earn it', it was, 'Why don't you learn how to make it?'"

The music star still has vivid memories of her own self-reliance at an early age.

She shared: "If you don't have money, and you don't have clout, it makes you incredibly resourceful.

"You have to think your way out of things, and figure out how to navigate in a world where all you have is your talents and your skills."

Meanwhile, Beth previously revealed that she's determined to use her fame to help create change.

The singer feels a duty "to show other queer kids from small towns" that they can come out and feel proud.

Beth - who initially struggled to come out as a lesbian due to her Christian upbringing - told the Guardian newspaper: "From a young age I wanted to do something that involved helping others, but I just didn’t know what it would be.

"Once I left Arkansas, I saw things more clearly. I saw that coming from a place in the Bible belt, below the Mason-Dixon line - a place where you’re being constantly reminded that God is watching and judging you - I had a duty to show other queer kids from small towns that it is possible to get out of there.

"When we started Gossip, this was the message I wanted to put out - that it’s easier than you think to escape situations that make you feel wrong or ugly or gross, or like you’re going to hell, that the world is bigger than you think, that you can be queer and be yourself and be happy."