Beyoncé's Act II Era Already Includes Three New Hairstyles

 Beyonce wearing a cowboy hat while watching the 2024 Grammy Awards.
Beyonce wearing a cowboy hat while watching the 2024 Grammy Awards.

There are a few things we know for sure about Beyoncé's Renaissance: Act II era. One: The album is landing March 29. Two: Fans are wildly excited. And three: Her hair has never looked better (which, four, is saying something).

The Grammy winner appeared in a Verizon Super Bowl commercial that joked about all the ways she can cause a worldwide stir. To fans' delight, the clip ended with her saying "Okay, they ready! Drop the new music," a message that was quickly followed by an official @beyonce Instagram post announcing two new songs.

"TEXAS HOLD ‘EM and 16 CARRIAGES out now," she wrote in the caption. And while there's truly so much to discuss here, her hair deserves a moment of undivided attention.

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In the cover art for the song "Texas Hold 'Em," just a few ringlets escape her black cowboy hat. The real treat is in the next slide, where a majorly voluminous bob (also covered by a cowboy hat) makes an appearance to promote "16 Carriages." Although the photo is in black and white, the 42-year-old's hair looks a little darker than the platinum shade she's been rocking lately.

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For the game itself, the 32-time Grammy winner styled her hair equally as voluminous, this time styled long and worn sans cowboy hat.

"Super Bowl Glam: 80’s Hair trends," wrote her hairstylist, Neal Farinah in an Instagram post featuring the look. He captioned another post, "Super Bowl Texan hair," noting he used Beyoncé's new Cecred haircare line to make the volume happen. In his Instagram Story, he wrote more about the major style and its power: "Growing up in Trinidad as a hairstylist I always loved big Texan hair. Here I am doing big Texan hair."

Last Sunday, Beyoncé appeared at the Grammy Awards wearing a white Stetson cowboy hat over her white blonde hair. Fans quickly guessed that the accessory was a nod to upcoming country tracks, and now the Bey-hive has confirmation. While the hats are fabulous, let's hope we get at least a few snaps without them so we can see the full extent of her new hairstyles. I know that bob has major volume at the crown, too.