Biden’s LA Fundraiser Amasses $28 Million and Counting, Most Successful in Democratic Party History

President Joe Biden will be joined by President Barack Obama, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel and more on Saturday at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles that has already been touted as the most successful in party history. The Biden-Harris campaign confirmed the event has already raised more than $28 million.

Adrienne Elrod, Biden’s senior spokesperson and advisor, told MSNBC that Kimmel will be “talking very seriously about the issues but also having some fun and having some light-hearted moments as well,” with Jack Black also on hand to speak and lend support. Elrod also hinted at additional surprise guests.

Ahead of the Southern California event, the Biden campaign ran a contest for small-dollar voters to win a chance to attend the fundraiser and meet Obama, Biden, Clooney and Roberts. Supporters can also attend the fundraiser virtually by donating $20 or more. Tickets to attend in-person range from $250 to $500,000.

The fundraiser follows a highly successful March 2024 event with Biden, Obama and President Bill Clinton that brought in $26 million. Biden will be joined by Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at another event on Tuesday.

“This Saturday we are going to see an unprecedented and record-setting turn out from the media and entertainment world,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, a co-chair of the Biden campaign, said in a statement. “The enthusiasm and commitment for Biden/Harris couldn’t be stronger. We all understand this is the most important election of our lifetime.”

The Biden-Harris campaign team has enjoyed several high-profile endorsements in recent weeks. Earlier this week, First Lady Jill Biden and Jane Fonda hosted a voting event for seniors in Reno, while Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour held a fundraiser for the campaign in London.

Biden has led GOP rival Donald Trump in fundraising throughout 2024, though the recently convicted former president bested Biden in April.

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