Biden says he supports UAW strike

STORY: Speaking at a meeting with leaders of Historically Black Colleges in Washington, Biden added UAW workers should benefit from the industry "roaring" back and the growth in the automobile market.

The UAW began unprecedented, simultaneous strikes on Sept. 15 at one assembly plant each of the Detroit Three after the prior four-year labor deals expired. The strikes at additional GM and Stellantis facilities on Friday (September 22) added about 5,600 workers to the 12,700 previously on strike.

The Detroit Three automakers have proposed 20% raises over 4-1/2 years, while the UAW is seeking 40% along with 32-hour-work weeks, the return of defined benefit pensions and to eliminate wage gaps separating newer and older employees.

Biden will travel to Michigan Tuesday (September 26) to show support for workers and visit a UAW picket line, while Donald Trump who is seeking a new term as president will speak in Clinton Township, Michigan on Wednesday about the UAW strike.