Big Brother airs first epic Diary Room rant of the reboot

big brother day 8 hallie in diary room
Big Brother airs epic Diary Room rantShutterstock for Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers follow.

Big Brother has aired its first epic Diary Room rant of the reboot, with Hallie making her feelings known.

Tonight’s (October 16) episode saw the housemates introduced to the ‘Happy Happy Happy Camp’ shopping task, with the group venturing outdoors as they were faced with the prospect of camping for the night.

After a couple of challenges, which saw tents being pitched in the mud and persevering through the beautiful “Great British weather”, four housemates — Olivia, Kerry, Jenkin, Paul — were granted a VIP Glamping pass, which saw the quartet spend the night indoors.

big brother day 8 happy camp
Shutterstock for Big Brother

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This had a noticeable impact on Hallie, who was left to brave the cold and basic food with the rest of the group, and she subsequently gave Big Brother a piece of her mind in the Diary Room.

“Please may I be a VIP Glamper?” she began. “I crawled around in mud for you and I ruined my acrylics for you — I think it’s the least I deserve.

“She came and told me as I was relaxing on the haystacks. Listen to how f**ked that that sounds; ‘I was relaxing on a haystack.’ What the f**k?”

Big Brother subsequently quipped: “Hallie — Big Brother feels that you’re not having a happy happy happy time,” with Hallie subsequently exploding.

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“No, I’m having a shitty shitty shitty f**king time. I’m not having a happy time f**k your happy happy happy camp,” she seethed, but this wasn’t her only stint in the Diary Room.

After returning to vent, she pleaded with Big Brother, saying: “Big Brother, I am not impressed. I want some food and I want to be a VIP glamper and I want a warm shower and I want a proper toilet.”

With the VIP Glampers having warmth, luxury and food, how will the other housemates react in the next episode?

Big Brother airs Sundays to Friday sat 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Each episode is followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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