Bikesharing operator oBike launches delivery service

Photo: oBike

Bikesharing operator oBike has launched an on-demand delivery service that claims to deliver your items within two hours, from pick up to anywhere across Singapore.

Called oBike Flash, it can be accessed via the existing oBike application and delivers anything from food to documents to small packages.

In a press release on Monday (15 January), oBike Singapore general manager Tim Phang said, “oBike Flash works based on a crowdsourcing approach, harnessing the availability of our existing manpower that can be located across the island.”

Delivery prices start from a flat rate of $10 within a radius of up to five kilometres, with a surcharge of $0.30/km thereafter up to 10km, and $0.50/ km between 10.1km and 20km. The weight of each item should not exceed 10 kg.

Users can also request night deliveries between 11pm and 7am, but there will be an additional charge at 1.5 times the usual rate for deliveries.

To start using the service, senders can fill in a simple online form with delivery details via the app. Once an order is placed, any delivery person can bid to accept the order based on the proximity of the pick-up location.

The sender, deliveryman and recipient will each receive a code and when all parties have entered their codes respectively, the order is complete.