Bill Burr’s ‘Old Dads’ Extends Reign Atop Netflix Movies Chart, Reaches 29.6 Million Views in 10 Days

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Bill Burr’s “Old Dads” has extended its reign as the most-watched title currently on Netflix. For the second week in a row, the comedy topped the streamer’s English-language film list and scored more views than any other single title during the time period.

In its second week on the list, “Old Dads” brought in 16.3 million views, taking the movie’s total view count up to 29.6 million in only 10 days. It secured 13.3 million views last week.

On the English-language film list, “Old Dads” was followed by Emily Blunt and Chris Evans’ drama “Pain Hustlers” with 14.1 million views, Jennifer Lawrence’s sex comedy “No Hard Feelings” with 13.1 million views, Liam Neeson and Laura Dern’s 2019 action thriller “Cold Pursuit” with 6.7 million views and the 2011 family comedy “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” in fifth place with 3.9 million views.

Those weren’t the only high numbers Netflix saw from its film titles. The second most-watched title of the week went to the steamy Brazilian thriller “Burning Betrayal,” which brought in 14.7 million views on the non-English movies list. Fitting for the season, the Spanish-language prequel to “Veronica” — “Sister Death” — came in second place with 6.2 million views. That was followed by the 2018 Norwegian disaster movie “The Quake” in third place (3.6 million views), the Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama “Dream Girl 2″in fourth place (3 million views) and the Polish romantic drama “Heaven in Hell” in fifth place (2.9 million views).

On the television side of the streamer, the U.K. multi-timeline limited series “Bodies” stood as the most-watched series of the week with 7.7 million views. This is a substantial jump for the series, which was in third place with 5.5 million views last week.

“Bodies” was then followed by the true crime docuseries “Get Gotti” in second place with 7.3 million views, the natural history docuseries “Life on Our Planet” in third place with 5.5 million views, Mike Flangan and Trevor Macy’s horror limited series “The Fall of the House of Usher” in fourth place with 4.2 million views and the biographical docuseries “Beckham” in fifth place with 4 million views.

Last but not least was the streaming giant’s non-English language TV list, which was led by the Season 7 return of the Spanish drama “Elite.” The return earned 5.3 million views. Earlier this year the beloved teen drama was renewed for an eighth and final season with series veteran Mina El Hammani set to return to her role.

Speaking of beloved non-English favorites, all three seasons of the French heist hit “Lupin” appeared on the week’s top 10 list. While Part 3 was in second place with 4.7 million views, Parts 1 and 2 were in sixth and seventh place, respectively.

As for the rest of the list, the South Korean romance “Doona!” placed third on the list with 4.5 million views. It was then followed by the Mexican telenovela “Pact of Silence” in fourth place with 3.8 million views and the South Korean action series “Strong Girl Nam-soon” in fifth place with 2.7 million views.

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