Bill Maher Explains Why Trump Will Never Be Against Abortion

Bill Maher took a shot at Donald Trump’s stance on abortion on Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” joking that there’s one very good reason why the former president will never fully be against abortion.

The setup for the monologue joke came as Maher discussed how Trump took his social media platform Truth Social public this week and saw his stake in the company soar to billions of dollars.

“It went public. He made $5 billion. Idiots bought shares in this money-losing imitation Twitter that no one uses,” Maher said. “This is why Trump is never really going to be against abortion: he needs a sucker born every minute.”

Trump owns about 60% of all of the company’s stock, which is currently valued at $61.96 per share. The former president can’t sell his shares for six months, but the public offering came at an opportune time as Trump is due to deliver $175 million in five days for the civil fraud case he lost.

Elsewhere in Maher’s monologue he tackled Biden’s star-studded fundraiser in New York City this week.

“Biden had a big fundraiser, did you see that in New York? Obama was there and Bill Clinton, it was like ‘The Expendables,’” the host joked, nodding to the action franchise starring aging action heroes. “It was at Radio City. Biden was very excited, he said he’s heard very good things about radio.”

Maher then contrasted the fundraiser with Trump’s Truth Social windfall.

“This is America in a nutshell: So they have this big fundraiser there, they have the A-list stars, of course they have ex-presidents, singers, dancers, Lizzo – they raised $26 million. Trump sold Twitter for Idiots on the stock market and made $5 billion sitting at home,” he said.

The HBO host also couldn’t go without tackling Trump’s offering of “Trump Bibles” for a premium price.

“This is not the only way Trump is raising money. I’m not making this up, it sounds like I am, he’s got his very own Bible,” he began. “But it’s not just your regular Bible that you buy in the airport. It also has in it the constitution and the declaration of independence. His fans are gonna love it, it has everything they pretend to have read in one book.”

Then one more zinger: “Trump selling a Bible, it’s like Chris Christie selling a vegetable slicer.”

Maher then turned his attention to the Easter holiday, which he described as “the day when Romans crucified Christ, or as the Trump Bible says there were some very fine people on both sides.”

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