Bill Maher Explores ‘Digisexuality’ in New Book: ‘They’re Here, They Have Gears, Get Used to It’ | Video

Bill Maher dedicates a chapter in his new book “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You,” to “digisexuals” or “robosexuals,” people who “are not interested in human contact,” as he explained to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

“Did you ever see the movie ‘Her,’ where he falls in love with his phone?,” asked Maher, referring to the 2023 Spike Jonze movie that came up in yesterday’s statement from Scarlett Johansson about ChatGPT allegedly copying her voice for their new AI called Sky. The actress voiced an AI system in the movie who begins an intimate relationship with main character played by Joaquin Phoenix.

“People like that. They really exist in the world. There’s a guy in China, couldn’t find a wife. He built one. There’s a woman in France. She made a guy out of a 3-D printer,” Maher continued.

He added, “There’s a woman in Germany who says she is erotically,
romantically in love with a Boeing 737, which I can somewhat understand.
Planes are sexy, but a Boeing?”

The “Real Time With Bill Maher” hosted went on to say, “They consider  themselves like the next sort of minority group that wants rights.
One guy said, ‘Asking me to be with a human would be like asking a gay man to marry a woman.'”

Maher then riffed on the, “We’re here, We’re Queer” LGBTQ chant. “They’re here. They have gears. Get used to it,” he said.

The chat then, predictably, turned to sex dolls. “There’s also these dolls now. Because A.I. and because of robotics, like, a sex doll. I mean, this is not your father’s sex doll,” he said, leaning back with stiff limbs and an open mouth to suggest a traditional inflatable sex doll.

He then predicted that his pose would become a meme.

“The Internet always wins,” laughed Fallon, when he was able to get a word in.

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