Bill Maher Shares Fake Reasons Potential Jurors Used to Get Off Trump Trial | Video

On “Real Time with Bill Maher” this week, the host riffed on how much easier it was to get out of jury duty for Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York than it normally would be to get off any other jury.

Maher didn’t seem eager to be a juror himself, noting that this week served a reminder of “our civic responsibilities to try to get out of jury duty.” He noted that normal excuses include things like being a caretaker, but that it was much easier to get off the Trump case.

Pointing to a story from Axios, he noted that half the possible jurors were gone once the judge asked the jury pool to raise their hands if they couldn’t be impartial.

Maher then went on to include some more alleged excuses, along with illustrations of the (fictional) jurors. These excuses included:

  • “It’s a conflict of interest, I also sell my own bible.”

  • “I used to be a hooker in Moscow, and Trump peed on me.”

  • “I’m already on another Trump jury.”

  • “Never heard of this Trump dude, but he looks guilty as f–k.”

That last one was illustrated with an illustration of a skeptical Black man — several of the other Maher jokes seemed to play to racial tropes.

After this, Maher began to shift to options with reasons less connected with Trump specifically:

  • “I’m totally into this trial because it’s the one where the chick s–ts the bed, right?” The reference appears to be to a recent round of break-ins that included a woman defecating in the bedrooms of the homes being broken into.

  • “I’m dating a cidada and this will be our first time to f–k in 17 years.” The illustration showed an overly excited man with a large one of the insects on his shoulder.

  • “I’m still grieving over the death of O.J. Simpson.”

  • Illustrated with a Latino-appearing man: “If Trump goes to jail, I don’t get deported, right?”

  • Illustrated with a woman who appeared to be Asian: “I can’t serve, I’m chained up in P. Diddy’s guest house.” It’s unclear how this woman would be in court while also being chained up.

  • “Dad, it’s me, Tiffany,” illustrated with a courtroom portrait of Trump’s lowest profile progeny, Tiffany Trump.

You can watch the full “Real Time with Bill Maher” segment on Trump hush money trial jury duty in the video at the top of this page.

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