Blackpink's Jennie receives annual bouquet of blue roses from her mom


Each year, Blackpink's Jennie marks her birthday with a heartwarming tradition: a bouquet of blue roses from her mother.

Tradition of love: The K-pop star, who celebrated her 28th birthday on Jan. 16, shared an image of her mother’s loving gesture on Instagram. The latest bouquet of blue roses includes the message, "사랑하는 우리 딸 생일 축하해," which translates to "Happy birthday, our beloved daughter."


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Fans’ reactions: Netizens have been quick to express their deep admiration for the consistent display of affection and the special connection shared between Jennie and her mother. One commenter even suggested that the singer referenced her mother’s blue roses in the Blackpink song “You Never Know.”

“In the Jennie part of the Blackpink song 'You Never Know,' there are the lyrics 'I'll be fine because I remember / Bloom flowers in my blue room.' Every time I hear that part, I think of the blue roses that Jennie's mother gives her every year,” the fan wrote.


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About blue roses: As roses lack the specific gene to produce a "true blue" color, blue roses do not occur in nature. The blue roses currently in the market are either traditionally created by dyeing white roses or by genetic modification. The initial rarity of blue roses has imbued them with a sense of mystery and some cultures believe they can even grant wishes.

Partnership with mom: While Jennie, along with other Blackpink members, recently renewed her contract with YG Entertainment, she has also ventured into solo endeavors by establishing her own one-person management company alongside her mother. Jennie is set to make a guest appearance on the upcoming tvN variety show "Apartment 404" on February 23.

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