Blog ‘Life of a Stranger who Stole my Phone’ becomes viral online revenge

Accused of stealing an iPhone, this man has become the subject of a revenge blog.

A cheeky blogger is turning the theft of her smartphone into a viral case study of the man who has it now — she's uploading his photos after he forgot to turn off the phone's sync feature.

The creator of the blog Life of a Stranger who Stole my Phone wrote she was on vacation in Ibiza, an island off the coast of Valencia, Spain, drunk and swimming in the sea when someone stole her phone along with her friends' money and passports.

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However, when she returned home to Germany, the blogger wrote she found 15 pictures synced to her computer, which documented the life of a man she says is named Hafid.

While it's not proof the man stole the phone, rather than purchasing it or otherwise finding the device, the pictures and mocking descriptions are quite a revenge tactic.

She's posted pictures of Hafid having a tea party and posing in front of landmarks with his friends.

"Celebrate good crimes, come on!" she wrote sarcastically below the tea party photos.

"Who's gotcha phone? I Hafid!" she wrote on another.

This has happened before. In March, Allen Engstrom from Arkansas began to upload a series of silly pictures he said were taken on his stolen iPad.

The woman in the pictures didn't seem to realize her cross-eyed, goofy shots were becoming online entertainment.

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Police in Sussex, UK, were searching for a woman in December whose mug appeared in another picture taken on a stolen iPhone. The phone had on it an app that photographs and tracks location data for anyone trying to unlock the device.

"Smile please, you're on Nicked My Camera!" the Sussex Police release said.