PAP looks for four qualities in a good MP

Education Minister Ng Eng Hen reveals four qualities the PAP looks for in its leaders. (Yahoo! Photo)
Education Minister Ng Eng Hen reveals four qualities the PAP looks for in its leaders. (Yahoo! Photo)

As Singapore's ruling People's Action Party searches for candidates to field in the upcoming elections, it reveals the four essential qualities it looks for in a good Member of Parliament (MP) and government leader.

Minister for Education Ng Eng Hen, who also serves as the party's organising secretary (special duties), said the candidates must possess the following traits:

Be an activist

Candidates must be committed to serving the nation and are grounded in reality. They must also be capable of putting plans into action to serve the people.

Have a heart for Singapore

While the candidates do not necessarily have to agree with the party's policies, they must believe that Singapore has potential for improvement, and are able to connect with the hopes and difficulties of Singaporeans.

Have guts for the country

Candidates must be committed and stay on course, not crumble under pressure and succumb to populist sentiments. He or she must also be able to think long-term.

Be trustworthy

As MPs and office holders and people in positions of power and influence, candidates must be trusted to always make the right decision for the good of Singapore and not for personal gain.

Dr Ng, who revealed three more new PAP candidates to the media on Wednesday afternoon at the party's headquarters, said the party held roughly 200 tea sessions with over 260 individuals over the last four years.

He added the candidates were assessed over a period of time, some for years, which saw some change jobs, get married, and get pregnant.

Just over 20 candidates were selected after thousands of man-hours spent on these exhaustive efforts, he said.

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