Woodlands Block 686B water tank removed


Work in progress for Woodlands Block 686B's roof access. (Yahoo! Photo/Fann Sim)

Sembawang-Nee Soon Town Council has removed the water tank in Woodlands Block 686B where the dead body of an Indonesian maid was found last month.

The removal of the water tank on Wednesday afternoon from the roof of the block took about 15 minutes. It is estimated to cost S$40,000 which will be borne by the town council after residents raised concerns.

The new water tank is expected to be installed over the next few days and it will be cleaned and sterilised. Water from the tank will also be submitted for testing. Residents can expect the new tank to be ready by 23 June.

Sembawang GRC Member of Parliament Vikram Nair had earlier sent a letter to all residents of Block 686B and said that "(the town council) have taken on board your feedback and are in the process of replacing the water tank and also some additional security measures".

Woodlands Block 686B that got a new water tank. (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim)

"They have also restricted key access even more strictly than before," he added.

The removal of the water tank was welcomed by some residents.

A resident of the block told Yahoo! Singapore that her family has resume their consumption of tap water. "The government has responded very fast towards this, but I still wonder how the worker got up to the roof," Madam Lee said.

However, some residents are still questioning how someone could have had access to the rooftop and the tank.

Shella Leong who lives at the next block, 686A, told Yahoo! Singapore that her neighbours had seen the Bangladeshi maintenance worker, who is alleged to have committed the murder, going to the top floor of her block on several occasions.

"I also fear knowing if they ever took a shower at the rooftop of my block," Leong said.

She added that it may be worst for other blocks because checks were conducted only at the affected block 686B.

"Who knows if the blocks' rooftops are their 'hotel'," Leong said.

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