‘Ah Boys to Men’ star Ridhwan Azman admits hitting girlfriend online

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"Ah Boys to Men" actor Ridhwan Azman and his girlfriend, known as Luna Aphroditee. (Facebook Screengrab)

“Ah Boys to Men” actor Ridhwan Azman, has admitting hitting his girlfriend on social media.

The 19-year-old, who played Ismail Mohammed in the hit movies about national services, tweeted last Friday saying, “Yes, I hit my girlfriend, it’s not right to hit girls, and I am sorry. Not gonna cover my ass. I love Luna Aphroditee [girlfriend].”

Pictures of what appear to be Luna’s bruised face and correspondences between her and a friend, regarding Ridhwan’s ill-treatment have since gone viral and have since been picked up by news blog The Real Singapore.

Ridhwan, who is also a YouTube personality, did not explain his reason for hitting Luna. Instead, the actor spoke about his regrets and depression, together with a string of tweets containing his thoughts on the matter.

On Saturday, his girlfriend blogged a detailed account of the incident. She revealed that Ridhwan had physically and verbally abused her more than once during the relationship, one of them include dragging her out of a cab “like an animal”.

Photos of a bruised up Luna Aphroditee surfaced on news blog The Real Singapore. (Online screengrab)

The two were first seen as a couple in a video posted on 11 June, on Luna’s YouTube channel.

It was the first video posted on Luna's newly created account, which received over 30,000 views -- a stark contrast from her previous video account, which saw an average of over 600 views per post.

In response, Ridhwan said that her blog post was trying to bring him down and seemed mad that Luna had made the incident public.

“Relationships are made out of two people. Not 3, not the whole Internet. Make up or break up. I am wrong. I love her,” he posted on Twitter, on Sunday.

In his latest post entitled “I Love This Girl” on his blog, he also apologises profusely for his actions and described how the pair met and fell in love, but also hinted that their relationship was far from smooth.

“Once again, I am not covering my ass, but I was trying to control the situation… I am shattered, crushed, and fXXked when I saw the bruises right after. How much guilt and hate I have in me,” he wrote in a heart-felt, 22-paragraph blog post.

“I still love her. Every single one asking me to leave here… I love you. I am sorry everyone,” he concluded.