August Man A-Listers webisode 1: Say it like a man

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As part of the "Say It Like A Man" challenge, the A-Listers have to break up with host Anita Kapoor with varying results.

12 A-Listers. 3 days. 7 challenges.

The August Man A-Listers campaign is the magazine's annual search for men with style, substance and success. From an initial pool of 24 candidates, a public vote saw the group whittled down to 12 top-class gentlemen.

Earlier this month, the 12 A-Listers were treated to a little retreat at Hotel Fort Canning where they were wined and dined and made to feel like superstars. But as we all know, nothing in life comes for free and they had to undergo seven exciting challenges that tested their brawn and wits.

Webisode 1: Say It Like A Man

Do you know how to say it like a man? For their first challenge, we gave the 12 A-Listers three scenarios to prove that they could talk their way into getting what they wanted.

First, they had to wrangle a free room upgrade from Ms Supriya Ghosh, general manager for Hotel Fort Canning. Second, they had to ask for a pay raise from Darren Ho, August Man's managing editor. Finally, they had to end a relationship with our host, Anita Kapoor.

Three scenarios to make anyone sweat? You betcha. Find out which A-Lister had  the gift of the gab to emerge the winner of this challenge.