Budget carrier taps ‘The Noose’ for safety video

Budget carrier Scoot has teamed up with Channel 5's comedy TV series "The Noose" to release a flight safety video, continuing a trend of such spoof videos.

The first part of the video released on Friday features the programme's Thai correspondent Pornsak, played by Chua En Lai, and Barbarella, a Sarong Party Girl (SPG) reporter played by Michelle Chong.

The two take turns to demonstrate and explain the use of the safety belt throughout the one minute video.

Speaking in a Thai accent, the heavily made up Pornsak begins the video by asking the passengers to give their "full  attention" to the "safety features of the yellow aeroplane".

Dressed in a pink tube dress with a flower embellishment on her waist, Barbarella then proceeds to demonstrate the use of the seat belt, grimacing as she pretended to tighten it.

In recent months, transport operators have been using unorthodox ways to promote safety.

Just last month, Air New Zealand's flight safety video inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" went viral and has been viewed more than 9 million times.

Last week, Metro Trains Melbourne's safety video titled "Dumb Ways to Die" hit the web and garnered more than 19 million views within a week.

Watch Part 1 of Scoot's safety video here:

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