Cheeky Singapore video reminds you to switch off your engine before having car sex

Facebook screen grab of a Singapore Environment Council's cheeky video on air pollution.

Did you know you might be doing damage to the environment even when you’re, ahem, having car sex?

The Singapore Environment Council posted a Facebook video on Thursday to spread awareness about the horizontal mambo jambo in the car while leaving the engine on.

“Vehicles produce 50 per cent of these locally emitted particles, which clog up our lungs… Make love not haze. Don’t let your car engine idle,“ said the one-minute cheeky video depicting a parked van as it rocked up and down according to the hot and heavy activities of its occupants.

The funny clip, which even features an iconic sex scene from the movie "Titanic", has garnered over 17,000 views and close to 300 shares.

Many have given the video the thumbs up.

“That is so funny but still a strong message,” said a Marcelle Baum.

“Such a brilliant idea!! Proud of the client actually having the courage to approve it,” said a Catherine Leck.

SEC's playful vibe

This is not the only video that's attracted attention to the council.

SEC produced two funny videos earlier addressing the issue of food wastage and trash respectively as part of an exercise called Envision, which aims to engage the public “to provide their feedback and vision for the future of Singapore’s environment.”

The first clip, which featured host Utt, garnered over 3,000 views on YouTube while the latter garnered over 1,000 views on Facebook.