Creative new twist to ‘Gangnam Style’ in time for Chinese New Year

Oppa Cai Shen Dao! (Screengrab)
Oppa Cai Shen Dao! (Screengrab)

Just when you'd had enough of "Gangnam Style" and all its parodies, here comes a wickedly creative twist to the massive Psy hit in time for Chinese New Year.

Enter "Oppa Cai Shen Dao", a collaboration between Malaysian flash animator Jess the Dragoon and her brother Josh Tamugaia.

In this version of "Gangnam Style", a broke man begs the Cai Shen (Chinese God of Wealth) for money in the new year. The lyrics are in East Malaysian Hokkien but familiar enough for those who know the dialect, and English subtitles are included as well.

Uploaded last Friday, the two-minute video has been viewed close to 3,000 times as of Sunday morning but what is refreshingly unique is its inventive, Oriental-themed animation, complete with hilarious Hokkien lyrics and zithar-backed soundtrack.

The God of Wealth looks like Psy, with his signature round glasses but with a beard and a Cai Shen get-up. And instead of doing the "horse dance" in a park, Cai Shen does his dance at a Chinese, complete with lion dances.

The brother-sister combo saw Josh in charge of the musical arrangement as well as composing and singing the lyrics, with Jess responsible for the animation.

The song also comes as a flash game, made by Josh, where a fake Psy is put on an "ultimate test" to collect red packets and gold ingots while being chased by a fierce dragon.

Watch the 2:17-minute video below.

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