Fights break out in heartland malls over IPhone 6

Fights break out in heartland malls over IPhone 6

At least two arguments broke out in Singapore’s heartland malls on Friday morning between frustrated customers queuing for the much-coveted iPhone 6.

Two incidents, one at Tampines Mall and another at 112 Katong, involved heated arguments over alleged queue-cutting, and police had to be called in.

Both arguments happened around 7 am to 8 am, or just before the Apple reseller stores opened for business.

“By the time the stores started to turn on lights, slowly lift the shutters, people were getting really excitable and tense,” said undergraduate Marie Toh, 20, who was in the line at Tampines Mall.

“Some people just started to cut queue, pretending that they knew the staff or other queuers in the front, and I heard a lot of shouting.”

A police spokesman told Yahoo! Singapore that they had received a call around 6:45 am requesting for assistance at Tampines Mall.

“Upon police arrival, it was established that a case of dispute had occurred at the said location. Parties involved were advised to keep the peace and they complied.”

Over at 112 Katong, a similar scene unfolded.

According to online portal STOMP, a group of queue cutters appeared close to the store opening time and rushed in despite not waiting in line.

Police were also called in, and the situation was brought under control.

Watch our time-lapse video of the iPhone 6 queues in Singapore: