GE’s unlikeliest internet star

Yam Ah Mee's Facebook page. (Photo: Facebook screen grab)
Yam Ah Mee's Facebook page. (Photo: Facebook screen grab)

Move aside Nicole Seah, there's a new star in Singapore cyberspace.

Returning Officer (RO) Yam Ah Mee is now one of the most recognisable faces in town after having appeared 27 times to announce the winner of each constituency in Sunday morning's polling results.

With his straight-laced and vacant expression, Yam delivered his announcements in an even-handed monotone, without fear or favour to any of the parties, as should be.

Supporters gathered at various venues around Singapore awaiting the results were overheard mimicking him as he spoke, repeating the line, "Pursuant to Section 49, Sub Section 70, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Act, I hereby declare..."

It's no wonder he's been labelled "RObocop" and "Justice Bao" by some in cyberspace.

He shot to cyberstardom after a spoof Facebook page -- which has his name spelt as "Yah" instead of "Yam" -- garnered over 31,000 "likes" in just the space of a night.

More recently, a Twitter account was also created, which has attracted more than 200 followers.

Some comments spotted on Facebook congratulate Yam on his instant celeb status.

One by James Rainson Ng said, "You will rockz to stardom. Nicole Seah is the queen of this GE, you are the king."

Another by Caroline Oh said, "Mr Yam, i think you should be the voice at MRT stations, since you made everyone stop and listen to you."

Yam Ah Mee, the accidental star of the General Election. (Photo: Facebook)
Yam Ah Mee, the accidental star of the General Election. (Photo: Facebook)

Jokes aside, Yam is actually the chief executive officer of the People's Association and was one of the driving forces behind the LTA's Land Transport Master Plan.

He was appointed Returning Officer for the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in June last year, succeeding Tan Boon Huat, who has retired.

Lest you think he's all talk, he's also chief of the President of the Harvard Club and Harvard Club of Singapore's Volunteer program. This is his actual Facebook profile.

With this new celeb status, there's even a YouTube disco video where you can jive to his monotone voice. Enjoy.

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