Harry Potter movie marathon – live blog

What’s buzzing?

To celebrate the release of the last of the epic eight-part series, Yahoo! Singapore will be blogging live from the Golden Village Harry Potter Movie Marathon! Watch this space for blow-by-blow updates on what's happening as we sit through all eight films in succession. Wish us luck!


We'll be back after the Sorcerer's Stone is over! Look out for more updates in about two hours...


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has just started! First line in the Harry Potter series: "I should have known you would be here... Professor McGonagall." :D


The emcee is quizzing fans on Harry Potter trivia. Some of the questions: What's Harry Potter's middle name, and what are the five values of the Gryffindor House? Also, which is the shortest Harry Potter movie?


There are people from the U.S. and Brazil here!


Three fans decked out in rented Potter garb! (Yahoo! photo/ Jeanette Tan)

First three fans we've spotted in Potter garb--they said they've rented the robes specially for the occasion!


People are pouring into GVMax, Vivocity's largest theatre. (Yahoo! photo/Jeanette Tan)

We're here in the theatre, and people are pouring in!