#Hashtags and how to use them properly

#Hashtags and how to use them properly

Thanks to Twitter, hashtags are becoming almost mandatory in our social media posts — yes, even on Facebook and Instagram. Hashtags allow people to easily search content according to a topic, which is presented by the hashtag. That is why “hashtagged” posts have a higher chance of appearing on a person’s search feed. This also increases the chances of getting “Likes”, “Loves” and "Shares".

Using hashtags can get quite addictive for some users too. This is evident especially among Instagram users who take advantage of the infinite space available to them in the caption area, unlike Twitter’s 140 character limit. However, a long list of hashtags can be quite an eyesore for other users.

So what are some of the top hashtags used among Singapore social media users? We’ve gathered a list for you, complete with a brief how-to guide for each of them.

#ootd (Outfit of the Day)

Use this to tag photos showing the outfit that you will be/are wearing for the day. This is similar to #wiwt, which stands for What I Wore Today.


Use this hashtag for photos of yourself taken by you. There are various popular poses you can do for a selfie-worthy photo. One of it is a top view pose, taken with your phone camera angled from the top. This tends to make the face look slimmer. For women, this gives a chance to show off an accidental cleavage shot – Kim Kardashian is pretty skilled at this.


Use this hashtag for retro photos or photos of yourself that were shot in the past. It usually applies for photos taken a very long time ago but there are users who post photos taken as recent as a month ago.

#igsg (Instagram Singapore)

Use this hashtag for any photos taken using and posted on Instagram in Singapore. Yes, it's as simple as that.


This is not a topic. VSCO Cam is a photography app with swanky looking photo filters and typo fonts that will make your #ootd Instagram shots look fit for a fashion spread. That is because the app imports filters from professional photo software such as Adobe Lightroom. The app is available on iOS and will reach Android users soon. If you’re sick of looking at hundreds of photos with the same Willow or Lo-Fi photo filters, freshen up your eyes with the filters from VSCO CAM -- it’s possibly the next big thing. The same for #whitagram, the hashtag is used for photos taken by an app called “Whitagram”.


For photos of visually enticing food that will make you go “ooh” and “aah”. Would you moan while looking at this photo? That, ladies and gentlemen, is #foodporn.


More people love text-based photos of inspiring and self-comforting quotes, and Tumblr is mainly responsible for this trend, which has spilled onto Instagram as well. A variation of this hashtag is #quoteoftheday.


Believe it or not, social media buffs in Singapore are a loving lot. #Love is used in photos that celebrate love. The hashtag is usually used for photos taken with loved ones such as a partner, family members and even friends.


Well, you should know what this stands for – Best Friends Forever. This hashtag is exclusively used for the best friend. It can also be accompanied by #love.


If Instagram is meant for photos posted instantly after snapping, then latergram is for photos posted much later and via another camera.