Local media agency in Twitter boo-boo

The Straits Time's makes a boo-boo on Twitter. (Screen cap by Samantha Chui)
The Straits Time's makes a boo-boo on Twitter. (Screen cap by Samantha Chui)

Last month it was the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in a Twitter boo-boo, now it is The Straits Times (ST).

On Thursday, @stcom, ST's official Twitter account, sent out a tweet at 12:15pm containing a vulgarity. It said: "omg. f--- you all. seriously."

In an immediate apology issued on Twitter, @stcom said, "I'd like to apologise unreservedly on behalf of our staff member. He mixed up his personal and corporate accounts."

It is not known who the culprit was, but Ng Tze Yong, social media editor for ST, said he would take the blame.

Responding to another Twitter user on his personal account, @NgTzeYong, the editor said, "Well, I think a team leader has to shoulder the ultimate responsibility."

In a later tweet, @stcom clarified the matter.

"Hi all, our social media editor @NgTzeYong will be.investigating the matter. Apologies for the human error by the @STcom staff member."

Many local tweeters have expressed sympathy for the situation, citing an honest mistake on the part of @stcom.

"Everyone needs to chill. It's a mistake, yes, a bad one. But do we have to point and laugh?" said @jolintan on the social media platform.

@jchowjs added, "It was an honest mistake, we all do at some point in time."

Last month, HPB's twitter account manager had an account mix-up and unintentionally posted a tweet containing the "F" word.

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