MRT driver brings on the smiles with cheery live commentary

·Alycia Lim
MRT driver brings on the smiles with cheery live commentary

[UPDATED 5 Dec 2014 at 2.30PM: Added response from SMRT]

It’s 8.45am, and most of us on the MRT are still half asleep on the way to work. 

But commuters on the North South Line towards Jurong East won’t have to plug in to their devices for entertainment, because this MRT driver has it covered.

An amused commuter, Laurane Lim recorded the special announcement made by the driver on Thursday morning while the train was travelling between Bishan and Ang Mo Kio station.

“If you’re planning to leave anything behind, please make sure it’s something I can either use or sell. Otherwise, please remember to take all your belongings with you,” joked the chatty driver. 

He even offers some food for thought: “Since its a Thursday today, what you do today will determine whether tomorrow will be a ‘thank goodness it’s Friday’ or ‘oh goodness, it’s Friday’.

Another nugget that wasn’t captured on the audio recording was the driver advising passengers to hold on to the hand rails for their own safety. 

SMRT Corporate Information and Communications vice president Patrick Nathan said, "Our Train Captain’s personal touch to his train announcements stem from our commitment to delivering the best care and comfort to our passengers, and we are very pleased that this has received positive public feedback.

"We hope that he will keep up the good work, and we encourage all our Train Captains to go the extra mile, to bring smiles to all passengers who journey with us."

You can listen to him in the video below:


Don’t you think this driver deserves a pat on the back?

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