SAF officer flamed for remarks on Japan

Angela Lim
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The S'pore army officer has since issued an apology on his Facebook page (Yahoo! Photo).

An army officer in Singapore, who posted controversial remarks on the developments in Japan, has apologised for being insensitive to the grief of victims after netizens slammed him for his comments.

Calling himself Shahril Beckham on social networking site Facebook, the former OCS instructor had posted as his status, "There is a reason why God chose Japan..."

A friend of his replied to his comment saying, "Extreme dislike. This comment is in bad taste. Are they not human?"

To which the officer responded with a slew of vulgarities, calling him an "idiot". With support from others, he then went on to viciously attack the friend for "preaching" to him.

After receiving negative feedback for his insensitivity, the army officer eventually publicly apologised for his comments on his Facebook profile.

"To those who may be affected (with) my comments on "why god chose japan", I sincerely apologise. I admit (that) my following comments thereafter has been rather insensitive and unethical causing grief to others (sic). I've acted on impulse and once again, I am truly sorry," he wrote.

As Japan struggles to recover from the tragedy, netizens have taken up arms against those making similar comments online.

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