Sim Lim shop refunds customer $1,010 – in coins

A Chinese national was paid $1,010 in coins by a Sim Lim Square shop after she demanded a refund.

Chinese national Miss Zhou had been duped into paying $3,000 for an iPhone 6 plus at a Sim Lim Square shop. A Small Claims court ruled that she was entitled to a $1,010 refund.
However, when they paid her on Tuesday, it was in hundreds of coins, including five and ten cents.
All these coins were then allegedly flung to the floor in a plastic bag, according to media reports.
Zhou and shop owner then started to argue, and police had to step in.
A police spokesman told Yahoo Singapore that they had been called for assistance on 28 October around 2:26 pm. After establishing that there was a dispute, police told both parties not to breach the peace, and no further assistance was required.
According to media reports, Zhou had purchased the phone on 24 September. She told reporters that she had agreed to pay $1,800 but the shop charged her an additional $2,400 for “insurance”.
They eventually convinced her to part with $3,000. She later changed her mind and filed a complaint at CASE and the Small Claims Tribunal, which decided that Zhou should receive a $1,000 refund and an additional $10 for costs.
According to The New Paper, seven attempts were made by Zhou’s aunt to collect the refund, but the shop assistants refused to hand over the money despite her having power of attorney.
Zhou told Lianhe Wanbao that she spent four hours counting the coins, and now had 18kg of coins which bank staff were unwilling to change into notes.