Singapore anti-gambling ad goes viral after spot-on prediction of Germany-Brazil match

As soon as Germany trashed Brazil in the World Cup semi-final with a 7-1 score on Wednesday morning, football fans in Singapore took to Facebook to share National Council on Problem Gambling’s (NCPG) latest ad.
Well, that’s because of the ad’s spot-on prediction that Germany would win.

Kick the Habit Print Ad - English
Kick the Habit Print Ad - English

Germany may not have won the World Cup title just yet, but their amazing 7-1 thrashing of Brazil definitely created history. It even stunned the German players, who scored five goals during the first half hour of the game.

The NCPG ad, which encourages people to seek help for problem gambling and which is running during the World Cup season, features a boy named Andy who hopes that Germany would win. “My dad bet all my savings on them,” he said.  

Well, in an ironic twist, if this happened in real life, Andy’s father would have won the bet and been able to keep all of Andy’s savings – and more.
This was the sentiment felt among many who shared the ad on Facebook.
“Who is your father? I want to meet him because your father is a smart man. Take off those Brazil colours, don't be an idiot. Listen to your father. #BrazilVsGermany,” says a Facebook user Afiq Omar, who referred to the yellow T-shirt Andy wore in the ad.
Many also said that Andy could be Singapore’s answer to Paul the Octopus, the animal who played oracle in the last World Cup and who successfully predicted several World Cup matches.  
“Don’t WORRY, Singapore’s very own National Council on Problem Gambling has taken over the reins with their latest ad,” says local news blog Mothership.  
Other blogs such as Alvinology and Mr Brown have also shared the ad.
Yahoo Singapore has contacted the NCPG for comment.