Singapore Youtuber remixes MRT sounds

Fallen Superhero - MRT Remix (Youtube screengrab)

We've heard many remixes of pop songs on the Internet, but this one may be music to local ears.

A Youtuber from Singapore, who goes by the name FallenSuperheroSG on Youtube, has created a remix of the things heard on the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) such as "Please give way to alighting passengers before boarding and "Please mind the platform gap".

The remix takes those words and various other announcements and sounds one hears on the commute and turns it into music that one can dance to.

The creator first posted a tease to the remix on his Twitter on 9 May 2015. It has since been retweeted almost 5,000 times. One commenter even wished that they actually played it on the MRT.

The full video of the remix was uploaded to Youtube the next day and has over 5,000 views to date.

His Youtube profile states that he is a remixer of metal covers, K-pop covers and dance mixes.

On 14 May, he posted another tease of his work — this time a remix of the pedestrian traffic light beep.