Singaporean comedian calls out racist netizens in humorous video

YouTube screen grab of comedian Haresh Tilani talking about xenophobia in Singapore. (YouTube screen grab)

[Warning: Video contains explicit language]

You might remember this video from sometime back of local comedian Haresh Tilani swimming in the fountain outside Ngee Ann City.

The video drew a slew of comments that baffled Tilani - especially those that were quick to assume he was a foreigner behaving badly in Singapore. Some said he was “Ang Mo” (Caucasian) while others believed he was an Indian national.

Tilani made another video in response to the nasty comments, calling out the xenophobic netizens, and reminding Singaporeans that the local-versus-foreigners debate is getting old.

“I didn’t like the fact that the xenophobic claim was only subsided once I have yelled explicitly that I was 100 per cent Singaporean and not a foreigner, which opens a whole new topic about locals versus foreigners - which has to stop,” he said.

What can we do to stop xenophobic comments?

“Stop discriminating based on characteristics that people almost always have no control over,” he said. Characteristics such as race, skin colour, and gender.

Tilani added that the commenters should have made their judgments based on the person’s actions instead of who the person is.

He summed up his clip with some catchy advice: “Don’t hate on stuff people cannot control.”

Do you agree with him?