Taylor Swift teases ‘Bad Blood’ music video with character posters

Taylor Swift has been posting images of posters teasing the new music video ‘Bad Blood’, starting with one of herself followed by one of Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge.

‘Bad Blood’, which was released with the 1989 album on 27 October last year, has been speculated about endlessly by fans, known as Swifties. Rumour has it that the song is about another fellow singer-songwriter, who is also a fond lover of cats. (Hint: She recently held a concert in Singapore.)

Now we know that Swift holds nothing back when it comes to her songs, and we’re just waiting in high hopes for the music video to drop.

Based on the posters, the first of which was posted on 7 May, we know that the music video from her latest 1989 album will be premiering on 17 May, at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. It's also directed by Joseph Kahn, the same director for her 'Blank Space' music video, and produced by Swift herself.

The 26-year-old has also been posting a series of follow-up posters on her Twitter and Instagram.

Swift, who has since shed her country-singer skin and joined the world of pop, is no stranger to coming up with new looks and styles to shake up the music industry. We’re sure that this music video would be another amazing thing to look forward to.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the names put out so far, and the characters that they’re playing. The celebrity-packed list is already getting fans hyped up, with some saying the characters look like superheroes.

Swift also said in a tweet that the characters’ names were chosen by the stars themselves.

There are only four days left to the big premiere at the Billboard Music Awards 2015, so we wonder if there’ll be more stars popping out in the highly anticipated music video.