Touching video shows people in Singapore helping a tissue seller

Do Singaporeans have a heart?

We live in such a fast-paced city that it is easy to overlook the people around us who are seeking help.
Like the tissue sellers.
While some would simply walk pass them without acknowledgment, there are those who would stop to offer help as shown in a video by ClickNetworkTV, which has gotten over 20,000 views.
In the social experiment, Singapore singer-songwriter Don Richmond approached passers-by to do a survey for $5. A wheelchair-bound tissue seller would then approach the respondent, hoping that he or she would buy a packet of tissue.
While some refused or avoided the elderly seller, the 3-minute video posted on Wednesday showed that there were many who would stop and buy too.

Some even gave the man, who had his left leg amputated, extra cash, telling him to keep the change.   

A young female survey respondent at the end, who refused to take the $5 Richmond was offering, told him to pass it to the tissue seller instead.
Good job guys! Faith in humanity restored.