Video shows luxury car in Singapore tailgating emergency vehicle amid traffic jam

A luxury car driver avoided traffic congestion by tailgating what seemed to be an emergency vehicle moving on the road shoulder, a video shows.

The 48-second clip on YouTube of a black Mercedes-Benz following what sounded like an ambulance has attracted over 12,000 views since being posted on 18 February.

Chee Ong from the Singapore Reckless Drivers Community said in the description of the video, “Tailgating an emergency vehicle on the road shoulder. Road shoulders are strictly for emergencies. Driving on them to avoid traffic congestion is an offence and has led to serious accidents.”

Moving on the road shoulder for emergency vehicles, the black luxury car with licence plate number SDP 9630R sped past a long stretch of stationary vehicles before switching to the main road at the end of the traffic jam.

According to some of the users who commented on the video, the plate number has already been reported to the Singapore Traffic Police.