Bob Mortimer admits he and Vic Reeves have ‘drifted apart’

Bob Mortimer admitted he has 'drifted apart' from Vic Reeves credit:Bang Showbiz
Bob Mortimer admitted he has 'drifted apart' from Vic Reeves credit:Bang Showbiz

Bob Mortimer has “drifted apart” from Vic Reeves.

The comedian, 65, had appeared alongside his 65-year-old TV co-star, whose real name is Jim Moir, on a number of programmes - including the BBC gameshow ‘Shooting Stars’ - though the pair have not shared the screen since ‘Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out’ in 2019.

Now, Bob has revealed his misses working with his showbiz pal.

He told Richard Herring during an appearance on the ‘RHLSTP’ podcast: “I got on great with Jim, but no, we’re both doing our own little things at the moment.

“We had a lovely time, but you get older.

“I wish I’d done more with Jim, you know, when we were younger, because now, we have drifted apart.

“As I get older, I think of all the lovely people I’ve known and don’t see them anymore - it just seems to happen.”

Vic previously admitted he “never really speaks” to his comedy partner anymore.

During an interview with Radio Times, he said: “We never really speak much. Bob and I have never been ones for talking on the phone.

“[I’ll] see him now and then and have a chat about things.”

The comedian added people often assumed that his life was intertwined with Bob’s.

He said: “People have always thought that with me and Bob. ‘Do you go out in the evening?’, We always said no, we don’t.

“We see each other in the daytime, we film. We used to, when we were in our 20s, go out to the boozer, but we don’t really do that any more.”

Since parting ways, the comedian became preoccupied with his Sky Arts ‘Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir’ - which he presents alongside his wife - while his former ‘Shooting Stars’ host went on to helm the BBC reality show ‘Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing’ with Paul Whitehouse.