This Bonkers Softball Play At Home Plate Is Right Out Of A Cartoon

Jada Walton of Carthage High School in Texas went viral for her antics to avoid being tagged out by the catcher at a recent softball game. (Watch the video below.)

She’s said the attention is “crazy” ― and she’s shocked her ruse worked.

“I was really just goofing around, cause I thought I’d be out,” she told Panola Watchman sports editor Ryan Silapan on Wednesday.

Goofing around would be putting it mildly.

Walton actually employed the old point-and-“look over there!” trick to distract the catcher. The catcher fell for it and turned around. Walton was able to dive and touch home plate with her hand, scoring the run.

The clip, shared by Silapan on Tuesday, has already been viewed millions of times and has been written up by several national outlets.

Many viewers debated the legality of Walton’s baserunning, but Silapan reminded them that she was indeed declared safe.

Carthage scored five runs in that inning to beat Center, 7-5, on Tuesday.