Boon Tat street death: 'Let him die', said suspect to bystanders

Police respond to an incident at Boon Tat street on Monday (10 July). (Photo: Gabriel Choo/ Yahoo Singapore)
Police respond to an incident at Boon Tat street on Monday (10 July). (Photo: Gabriel Choo/ Yahoo Singapore)

Two bystanders who attempted to help a man who was allegedly stabbed on Boon Tat Street and later died in hospital on Monday afternoon (10 July) were told by the suspect, “Let him die.”

Vinnie Ang, 25, is a waiter at A Poke Theory, a restaurant along Boon Tat Street. Ang recounted to Yahoo Singapore that he and his colleague were working when customers alerted them that a man was lying on the floor outside the eatery.

As they stepped out of the restaurant, Ang saw an older man with white hair standing a distance from the victim. Ang and his colleague tried to help the victim, but the older man pushed them away, saying “He’s my son-in-law. Don’t help him, let him die.”

According to Ang, the older man later called somebody, saying “I’ve already done it, don’t cry. I’m old already, I’m not afraid to go the jail.”

As the older man was holding a knife, the duo backed off and called the police. Ang added that when the police arrived, the older man was cooperative and calm when he was arrested.

Aloysius Tay, 32, who works in the area, told Yahoo Singapore that he was walking along Boon Tat Street when he saw a man running towards him.

“This guy was running across the road with his hands on his stomach and his T-shirt was bloodied. He was running weirdly. An old man was walking slowly behind him. Then he collapsed in front of the cafe. After a while, the cafe staff came out to see what had happened”, said Tay.

About 20 police officers were seen in the area when Yahoo Singapore went to the scene at around 2.13pm. Police had cordoned off the area across five shophouses. Blood drops were also visible on the floor outside A Poke Theory.

The Singapore Police Force said they received a call for assistance at 1:22pm at 27 Boon Tat Street.

“Upon arrival, a 38-year-old man was found lying motionless at the said location. He was conveyed unconscious to Singapore General Hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead at about 2.31pm,” said a police statement on Monday (10 July).

A 69-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the case. Investigations are ongoing.