Booxify Wants to Introduce Some Novelty into Your Life

vanessa tan

The subscription box concept is hugely popular in the United States and Europe. In Singapore, familiar names focusing on beauty products such as Bellabox, VanityTrove, and Glamabox are gaining traction especially with the girls. There is also a subscription box that focuses on kids called Lollibox too. Unlike all these which specifically target certain verticals, Booxify is a new startup that aims to release different themes of boxes, such as eco, old school, and playbox, in the hope of catering to anyone and everyone. Booxify is the brainchild conceived by co-founders Denver Lim, James Pinto, Jonathan Ng, and Eileen Wong a couple of weeks back. Denver Lim, who takes charge of marketing tells us:

We were thinking about how we could penetrate the consumer market and somehow, we just agreed that doing subscription boxes looked like a great opportunity. [It] was a great way to help brands introduce their products to consumers [and] helpful in helping upcoming local brands to reach out to our very own home audience as well.

The team firmly believes that there are other opportunities other than just featuring beauty-related subscription boxes. There will be an element of surprise for the first few boxes they are introducing, and subscribers will only know the contents of the box when they unbox it. Denver also shares that apart from obtaining goods from suppliers, they will also be creating their own products. The Singaporean startup is looking to understand their consumers after launching their first two boxes, with its inaugural launch on November 28. It is also looking to launch an e-commerce store where they will introduce products that are unique and higher in demand. Should users fancy the products introduced in the boxes, they would be able to purchase them from the online store. But it doesn’t just stop there for the Booxify team. Denver also tells us that they would like to give back to the community:

When the business is stable and profitable, a sum of each subscription box subscribed, will go to a special cause, namely to the physically disabled. It will be a model we hope to test and refine along the way and will look to work with the relevant organisations.

I personally like the idea of contributing to a social cause and the team’s want of getting the word out for home growth brands. I think it’s a worthy cause. However, maybe I’m just too boring, but I just don’t fancy the idea having randomly themed boxes and not knowing what to expect from them. I would honestly feel upset getting a box which contains a theme which I don’t fancy. But for those adventurous ones out there who’d like to give our home grown startup some lovin’, you can subscribe to its boxes here.