Boston Celtics are champions, defeat Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in NBA Finals | No Cap Room

On this episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer is at TD Garden and soaked in champagne after watching the Boston Celtics celebrate their record-breaking 18th NBA championship after defeating the Dallas Mavericks in 5 games.

The guys start by talking about Jayson Tatum, who showed off his skills as a passer, and maybe exorcized some demons along the way, while leading the Celtics in every major offensive category during the NBA Finals.

They then turn their attention to Kyrie Irving, who still seems plagued by the Boston crowd. While he didn’t react to it, he definitely played much better in Dallas than he did in front of the heckling Celtics fans.

Luka Doncic once again looked disengaged, especially on defense, leading Jake to declare his disappointment that Luka could respond to criticism in such a big way in game 4 and then not carry any of that through to game 5.

Jaylen Brown was voted Finals MVP, and the guys talk about why Brown won that vote over Tatum and Jrue Holiday, namely that he was the guy who took charge every time the Celtics seemed to need somebody to do so. Then they talk about Brown’s growth, and compare him to the two guys picked ahead of him in the NBA Draft (Ben Simmons & Brandon Ingram).

Finally, the guys talk about offseason decisions that are facing both the Celtics and Mavericks and wonder about the path each team will have to face if they want to make it back to the NBA Finals next season.

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