Boy Overwhelmed by Effect of Color Blindness Glasses

A boy in Farmington, New Mexico, couldn’t contain his emotion when his saw a fuller spectrum of color for the first time on February 4, after his parents surprised him with some special glasses on his 10th birthday.

Footage by Allen Elmore shows his son Jude walking in a room full of colorful balloons and opening his present. When the penny drops, Jude cannot contain his tears and reaches out to his mother for a hug.

“Try these, look at the balloons,” Elmore can be heard saying to his son, as Jude looks around.

The glasses manufacturer, EnChroma, says on its website that the company’s mission is to “enable those with color vision deficiencies to access more of life’s colorful experiences.” Credit: Allen Elmore via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, no.

- OK. Open it. Hold on.

- Go ahead.

- All right. Somewhere in there is your gift.

- It is. Open it.

- Is this the-- is this loading?

- Faster. We're running out of time on the video.

- Faster.

- OK now?

- What is it?

- Yes.

- What is it?

- Be careful.

- My new glasses. Ma, thank you. [SOBBING]

Thank you so much.

- Let's try them on, bud. Let's try them on. Don't touch the lenses, OK? Try these. Look at the balloons.

- They look awesome. I've never seen before. Thank you so much. [SOBBING] Thank you very much. You really love me. I'm never going to lose it. I'm sorry.

- You don't apologize, bud. Happy birthday, Jude.

- Thank you.