Brad Pitt Accused of Stealing Millions From Winery ‘on Projects That Benefit Him Personally’ in New Countersuit

Brad Pitt and his investment company Mondo Bongo have been accused of siphoning millions of dollars from Château Miraval, the French winery he and ex-wife Angelina Jolie once co-owned, says the company who purchased Jolie’s stake in the winery. In a countersuit filed on May 13, Tenute del Mondo said Pitt has allegedly “caused millions of its funds to be spent on projects that benefit him personally, including more than $1 million on renovations for a swimming pool that only he uses” among other accusations.

The documents also alleged that Pitt has used Château Miraval money to fund his “side businesses” including a recording studio, a cosmetics line, and a gin brand. Tenute del Mondo has requested €20 million in damages.

Representatives for Pitt and Jolie did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The lawsuit between the two dates back to 2022, when Pitt filed his own suit that alleged Jolie decision to sell her stake in the winery to Tenute del Mondo and its parent company Stoli Group violated the pair’s agreement to discuss potential sells with one another.

When Jolie sold her stake in the winery to Tenute del Mondo, the brand also assumed control of $20 million in shareholder loans the actress made to Château Miraval. The company added that it “has not received any payments” from the winery’s profits as a result of Pitt’s alleged conduct.

According to the documents, the winery was not profitable when Jolie and Pitt purchased it, and both made loans to the winery to help it achieve profitability “so that once Château Miraval became profitable the loans could be repaid to Nouvel and Mondo Bongo, and ultimately to Jolie and Pitt, thereby accounting for any disproportionate contributions.”

The documents also cited Jolie and Pitt’s divorce due to the actor’s “increasingly destructive behavior towards Jolie and the rest of their family” as a turning point for all involved parties, and alleged that the actor has used the winery to financially limit Jolie, and as a result Tenute del Mondo.

“Pitt has fleeced Chateau Miraval of its assets in favor of his personal business
endeavors,” the countersuit claimed. “In an obvious case of self-dealing, Pitt and Mondo Bongo have set up side businesses that exploit the name, image, premises and financial resources of Chateau Miraval—all without sharing any returns with Nouvel and Tenute.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

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