Brandy Returns to Horror in A24’s ‘The Front Room’ Trailer

A24’s “The Front Room” is about to open.

The new movie, which marks the debut of brothers Max and Sam Eggers, hits theaters on September 6 and the brand-new trailer has just been revealed. Watch it above.

In the movie Brandy Norwood, making her celebrated return to horror after co-starring in 1998’s “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,” plays a woman who agrees to let her husband’s mother (Kathryn Hunter) come home to live with them. From there, things take a decidedly darker turn – not only with her mother-in-law’s blatant racism but with something more sinister too.

“The Front Room” is based on a short story by legendary English author Susan Hill that was published in her 2016 collection “The Travelling Bag and Other Ghostly Stories.”

The Eggers Brothers are, of course, the brothers of Robert Eggers, who made “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” for A24 and who has a new version of “Nosferatu” debuting at the end of the year. Max co-wrote “The Lighthouse.”

Andrew Burnap and Neal Huff also star in “The Front Room,” which was produced by Lucan Toh, Babak Anvari, David Hinojosa and Julia Oh.

“The Front Room” hits theaters on September 6, just in time for the start of spooky season.

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