‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in the Netflix Romance?

Bridgerton” is finally back, and Season 3 is diving into love stories of both fan-favorites and new arrivals.

While Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) get their time in the spotlight to explore their friends-to-lovers journey, “Bridgerton” Season 3 also extends the storylines of beloved favorites — yes, including Kanthony.

New cast member Hannah Dodd is introduced just in time for Francesca Bridgerton to make her societal debut, while fans might see side characters like Cressida and Will Mondrich in a different light.

For a full breakdown of all the characters in Season 3 of “Bridgerton” — and where you’ve seen each actor before — see below.

Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington

Nicola Coughlan stars as Penelope Featherington, a longtime friend of Eloise Bridgerton who, as a result of their friendship, developed feelings for Colin Bridgerton. Penelope also harbors a rather large secret identity as Lady Whistledown, who writes a gossip column spilling the most scandalous secrets from the Ton.

Coughlan is best known for starring in “Derry Girls” as Clare Devlin, and has appeared in “Harlots,” “Barbie,” “Big Mood” and “Seize Them!”


Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton

Luke Newton stars as Colin Bridgerton, the third oldest Bridgerton son, who enters Season 3 ready to find love after his ex-fiancé ended up being pregnant with another man’s child.

Newton can be seen in “The Cut,” “The Lodge” and “Mr Selfridge.”

Bridgerton Season 3 Hannah Dodd Francesca Bridgerton

Hannah Dodd as Francesca Bridgerton

Hannah Dodd joins the cast as Francesca Bridgerton, replacing Ruby Stokes just in time for Francesca — the third oldest Bridgerton daughter — to make her official societal debut.

The newcomer has appeared in “Enola Holmes 2,” “Eternals,” “Anatomy of a Scandal” and “Find Me in Paris.”


Claudia Jessie as Eloise Bridgerton

Claudia Jessie stars as Eloise Bridgerton, the second oldest Bridgerton sibling who rebels against societal norms at any chance possible. Season 3 picks up with a rift between Eloise and Penelope after Eloise found out about Penelope’s identity as Lady Whistledown.

You might recognize Jessie from “Doctors,” “Line of Duty” or “The Finest.”

(Liam Daniel/Netflix)

Jessica Madsen as Cressida Cowper

Jessica Madsen reprises her role as Cressida Cowper, who had previously alienated herself from the Bridgerton siblings as she vied for a husband. Cressida is featured more heavily in Season 3 amid her newfound friendship with Eloise.

Madsen can be seen in “Dark Light,” “Leatherface” and “Rambo: Last Blood.”

Bridgerton Season 3 Luke Thompson Benedict Bridgerton

Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton

Luke Thompson stars as Benedict Bridgerton, the second oldest Bridgerton brother, who sees a bit more romance this season.

You might have seen Thompson in “Dunkirk,” “Kiss Me First,” “Transatlantic” or “Shakespeare’s Globe: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Martins Imhangbe Will Mondrich Bridgerton Season 3

Martins Imhangbe as Will Mondrich

Martins Imhangbe stars as Will Mondrich, a boxer and owner of a gentleman’s club who enters high society after his son inherits Lady Kent’s fortune.

Beyond “Bridgerton,” Imhangbe can be seen in “The Soldier’s Tale,” “Foresight” and “The Tragedy of King Richard the Second.”

(Liam Daniel/Netflix)

Emma Naomi as Alice Mondrich

Emma Naomi plays Alice Mondrich, Will’s wife who is plummented into the world of fanciful dresses and extravagant parties amid their newfound fortune.

Naomi has appeared in “Professor T,” “Death in Paradise,” “Surprised by Oxford” and “Four Lives.”

Bridgerton Season 3 Hannah New Lady Tilley Arnold

Hannah New as Lady Tilley Arnold

Hannah New plays Lady Tilley Arnold, a widow who sparks the interest of Benedict.

New can be seen in “Maleficent,” “Black Sails,” “Under the Bed” and “The Time in Between.”

(Liam Daniel/Netflix)
(Liam Daniel/Netflix)

Sam Phillips as Lord Debling

Sam Phillips plays Lord Debling, a potential suitor for Penelope.

Phillips has appeared in “The Crown,” “This England” and “Far from the Madding Crowd.”

Bridgerton Season 3 Ruth Gemmell Lady Violet Bridgerton

Ruth Gemmel as Lady Violet Bridgerton

Ruth Gemmel stars as Lady Violet Bridgerton, the mother of the Bridgerton siblings who helps guide her children into high society to find a match. The widow might also get a second chance of love this season.

Gemmel has starred in both “Bridgerton” and “Queen Charlotte” as well as “My Mum Tracy Baker,” “Deep State,” “Primeval” and “Fever Pitch.”

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton

After receiving his own happy ending last season, Jonathan Bailey returns as Anthony Bridgerton, who is now happily married to Kate Sharma.

Bailey is best known for starring in “Fellow Travelers,” “Broadchurch” and “Crashing,” and will star in the upcoming “Wicked” movie.


Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma

Simone Ashley returns alongside Bailey to reprise her role as Kate as the couple enjoys their status as newlyweds.

Ashley can be seen in “Sex Education,” “Broadchurch” and “C.B. Strike.”

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