Britney Spears admits spending £1600 on shorts and suspenders for her dog

The singer says she spends more on clothes for her pets than for herself.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears admitted spending a fortune on clothes for her dogs. (Getty)

Britney Spears had admitted she spent £1600 on a pair of suspenders and shorts for her dog Sarah Beth.

The singer took to Instagram to put on a show for her fans as she twirled around her living room accompanied by the tiny white canine.

Wearing a white mini dress and white knee high boots Spears affectionately played with the pup - before revealing to her followers the shocking amount she spends on dressing her pets.

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She captioned the post: “Sara Beth is at her show at the moment… my dogs have more clothes than I do!!! Spoiled!!! I bought a miniature Louis V doggie backpack for Sara so when she does her shows she has her mineral tube with her… $1200 dollars for that little baby… then linen suspenders…

“I swear to god I was shocked when I saw it too!!! White suspenders and khaki mini shorts for her booty… That was 2000 for a piece of cloth.”

Spears later elaborated further on the special treatment her dogs receive which includes a full groom twice weekly.

However, apparently one of her four legged friends ended up needing an extra scrub this week after she got a little extra grubby.

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Spears explained: “Daisy needs grooming twice a week but she got dirty yesterday … Pssss I had to dance in my boots.”

She has been more active on her social media in recent days after repeatedly taking breaks from Instagram which sparked concerns for her well-being amongst her fans.

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Spears shared a string of media to Instagram last week uploading seven posts in the space of two days including a video of herself slicing fruits with a large knife in her kitchen, a baby swinging off the wooden pole above it’s crib, and a photo of husband Sam Asghari holding a slice of lettuce against his ear.