Britney Spears has been 'very sick' for two months

Britney Spears has been trying to get rid of a cold for months credit:Bang Showbiz
Britney Spears has been trying to get rid of a cold for months credit:Bang Showbiz

Britney Spears has been "very sick" for the past two months.

The 42-year-old pop superstar took to social media late on Sunday (26.05.24) night to explain that she has been battling a cold and she has tried combatting the illness by drinking coffee and taking antibiotic medication.

She wrote on Instagram: "I’ve been sick for two months with a stupid cold … I had it before Mexico and I’m very nasally and congested in my nose, it sucks. It went away when I first got back home, but came back yesterday … I got a Z-Pak and I’m hoping it goes away. I constantly feel a little tired like I want to go to sleep and things are fuzzy … so I started drinking coffee and it helps a bit but not much. "

Earlier this month, the '...Baby One More Time' hitmaker - who regained control of her multimillion-dollar fortune and various aspects of her life when a conservatorship that had been governed by her immediate family was terminated in November 2021 - was left injured when she fell over at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles and has now insisted that the incident has left her "scared" of the world outside so has become something of a recluse.

She wrote: "I’m scared of the outside world because god forbid I break a foot and someone calls an ambulance so I don’t go out much.

Britney previously faced reports she was involved in a bust-up with rumoured boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz on the night she injured her foot after she was pictured barefoot and dressed only in her underwear coming out of the Chateau Marmont and being tended to by medics.

But the 'Sometimes' singer later insisted she hurt herself in a fall.

Britney shared a video of her swollen ankle on Instagram and explained: "I really twisted my ankle last night like an idiot - just to show proof. It’s so bad ... Idiot here tries to do a leap in the living room of the Chateau and I fell - embarrassed myself - and that’s it."

"Paramedics came to my door immediately. Of course, caused this huge scene, which was so unnecessary and all I needed was ice.

"It is actually pretty bad but [stuff] happens."