Brittany Cartwright: I feel much stronger since splitting from Jax Taylor

Brittany Cartwright feels "much stronger" since she split from Jax Taylor.

The 35-year-old TV star and Jax, 44, announced their break-up earlier this year, and Brittany feels she's finally discovered her own "worth".

Speaking in a confessional on 'The Valley', she shared: "I just feel like I have woken up. Like, I feel so much stronger now.

"I know I’ll be OK, but I know my worth and I know I do not deserve to be in a relationship like this. What was I thinking staying with him this long?”

Jax, on the other hand, admitted to being caught off-guard by their break-up.

The reality star said during a confessional: "I didn't see this coming, sorry. I never thought I would be in the position I’m in right now."

Despite this, Jax insisted that he had "no regrets" about their romance.

The TV star - who married Brittany in 2019 - said: "It’s been an amazing nine years. It really, really has.

"I have no regrets. I love Brittany, I do. I love my wife. The only thing that’s going to make or break this is time."

Brittany and Jax announced their split earlier this year - but she subsequently admitted that a reconciliation remained possible.

Brittany told Us Weekly: "There’s definitely a chance. But I won’t waste my time and get back into a toxic situation.

"Now the veil has been lifted and I see how much I was always cleaning up Jax’s messes. I’m thrown in the middle of all these fights and constantly forced to apologise for him in the media and to friends. It’s hard."

Brittany feels she doesn't need Jax in order to thrive.

She shared: "I feel really strong.

"At the beginning, I was freaking out. I came to Los Angeles for Jax and we moved in together immediately, so I’ve never been here by myself. But now I have my own friends and my own money."