Broadcaster Kate McCann tells of horror after having drink spiked in London bar

Kate McCann has presented programmes on TalkTV and Times Radio (PA)
Kate McCann has presented programmes on TalkTV and Times Radio (PA)

Times Radio host Kate McCann has revealed that she had her drink spiked by a group of “brazen” men while on a night out in London.

The 35-year-old broadcaster said she was informed by her friend that the perpetrator had put something in a drink that her group had ordered to a table at an unnamed bar.

“By that point I'd already taken a sip,” McCann tweeted on Sunday.

“But we thought, right, it was only one sip. Maybe it wasn't in my drink, I'm sure it will be fine.

“Even though I'd only had one sip, it became clear about 20 minutes or so later that I started to feel quite strange.”

She said that the group asked the bar staff to replace the drinks, which they did, but one sip was enough for the effect to take hold.

McCann continued: “I felt very hot, just didn't feel right. I went to the loo and I couldn't focus. I couldn't sit straight, I couldn't stand straight and I couldn't really see.

“Luckily, I managed to book an Uber, managed to get in the car and made my way home.

“But I don't remember that car journey, I suspect I wasn't awake for it. And I don't remember getting into the house. I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning on the floor in my bathroom.

She added: “What I do remember is that the people who did it were a group of men standing by the bar and they did it so obviously that my friend had seen it. They didn't leave the bar after that point.”

McCann also revealed the details on her Sunday show on Times Radio and said she did not know the aims of the men but felt embarrassed that people might think she was drunk.

“It was a really horrible experience actually,” she said.

“I wouldn't wish it on anybody. But what's really interesting is, I tweeted about it last night and I was just looking through the number of people who've replied to that saying, ‘it's happened to me’.”