Brooklyn Beckham launches pop-up restaurant in London

Brooklyn Beckham has launched his first-ever pop-up restaurant in London and has taken inspiration from one of his ‘Nanny Peggy’s’ signature dishes.

The 24-year-old, who has a passion for cooking and shows off his skills online, will be whipping up five different dishes exclusively for the food delivery app UberEats.

The pop-up restaurant, which will be delivery only, will offer Londoners some of Beckham’s favourite recipes. From chicken Tikka Masala to buffalo cauliflower with his own secret sauce, and his English Breakfast Sandwich, a recipe learnt from his grandmother Peggy.

Prices for his dishes start at £10 and Uber One users will be able to access the menu on 25 January, before it goes live to all Uber Eats users.

Showcasing his family recipes on the menu, Beckham said his grandmother’s breakfast sandwich has been his “favourite” ever since he was a kid.

Beckham said his grandmother’s English breakfast sandwich is his ‘favourite’ (Uber Eats)
Beckham said his grandmother’s English breakfast sandwich is his ‘favourite’ (Uber Eats)

“My Nanny Peggy taught me how to make her English Breakfast sandwich when I was 5, and it’s been my favourite ever since,” he said.

“I’ve always been into trying different foods, cuisines, and cultures, but that was one of my earliest memories of loving cooking. Spending time in the kitchen is definitely something me and my dad bond over… even though I think I make my English Breakfast sandwich better, he does make a pretty good one!”

Beckham’s restaurant is the latest instalment of Uber Eats Hosts, a series that brings hard-to-access restaurants and unique food experiences exclusively to Uber Eats customers.

Uber Eats general manager Matthew Price said the company was excited to be working with “one of the world’s most talked about foodies.”

Mr Price added: “Uber Eats hosts is all about creating unique food experiences on the Uber Eats app. We’re excited to be working with one of the world’s most talked about foodies adding to the wide breadth of culinary talent already available on Uber Eats.”

Uber Eats customers will be able to get their hands on five different dishes (Uber Eats)
Uber Eats customers will be able to get their hands on five different dishes (Uber Eats)

Brooklyn, son of football star David Beckham, last year addressed comments mocking his cooking skills on his video recipes and admitted he was “used to the hate.”

“It doesn’t really bother me. Cooking makes me happy. I have more important things to worry about than people saying a little bit of rubbish about me,” he told Insider.

Beckham first began to face criticism in December 2021 after he launched the Facebook series, Cookin’ With Brooklyn, which saw him trying out various recipes alongside top chefs.

Since then, Beckham has continued to post his cooking videos on Instagram, but many of his followers have taken issue with his kitchen skills - such as using $25 worth of avocado oil and one Sunday roast that was deemed “too raw”.

Despite the comments, Beckham told Insider: “My message to them is to keep writing whatever they want to write. There are always going to be people out there who try and pull you down. I’m doing my thing and working my bum off.

“So they can keep writing what they want, but it’s not going to bother me - I’m just going to keep doing my thing.”