Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is "very happy" about new movie's ending

joe lo truglio
B99 star is "very happy" about new movie's endingFrazer Harrison - Getty Images

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Joe Lo Truglio knows the ending of his feature directorial debut Outpost will shock its audience.

The actor, who played Charles Boyle in the police comedy, has moved behind the camera for horror movie Outpost.

It will see his wife Beth Dover (Orange Is The New Black) play Kate, a woman fleeing an abusive relationship and taking a job as a fire outpost volunteer.

Ahead of the film's digital release in the UK today (September 11), Lo Truglio had a chat with Digital Spy about his filmmaking debut and the decision to leave things on such an open-ended finale.

"I'm very happy about this. Speaking frankly, people either love or hate Outpost because of that twist, which I love," the Wet Hot American Summer actor said.

joe lo truglio
Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

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"I'd much rather have a movie that people are bashing and hate, or rabidly love, than one that goes down the middle," he continued.

"I've found that twist at the end really starts to separate whether or not people will buy into the movie. But I knew that going in and I think that's OK. There's a story shift and a tonal shift that happens quite severely."

Outpost's final moments reveal a different, disturbing side to protagonist Kate, but Lo Truglio hopes such a layered story could still elicit some sympathy from viewers.

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"When I wrote the script, the challenge was: is it possible to get the audience to sympathise with a character that ends up being the monster? And I use that term in a very general narrative label, and not in a performative way at all, with our character of Kate," he explained.

"And so I knew that would be a challenge. Stories such as Frankenstein or King Kong played into wanting to create some sympathy for our character who turns into the monster."

Alongside Dover, Outpost also stars Dylan Baker, Becky Ann Baker, Ta'Rea Campbell, Dallas Roberts and Ato Essandoh.

Outpost is available to buy or rent in the UK from Prime Video, iTunes and other digital retailers.

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