Bruce Dickinson's third marriage is his 'calmest'

Bruce Dickinson is loving life with his new wife Leana Dolci credit:Bang Showbiz
Bruce Dickinson is loving life with his new wife Leana Dolci credit:Bang Showbiz

Bruce Dickinson's third marriage is the "calmest" he's "ever had".

The 65-year-old Iron Maiden frontman had been dating French fitness instructor Leana Dolci, 48, since 2019, and they tied the knot last year.

He was initially married to Jane Dickinson from 1983 until 1987, and was then married to the late Paddy Bowden - with whom he has Austin, 33, Griffin, 31, and 29-year-old Kia - from 1990 until 2019, but she was found dead the following year at the age of just 58 in what was described as a "tragic accident."

He told The Big Issue of married life this time around: "Because I’ve just got married for the third time. All I can do is just talk about my relationship right now because it’s the calmest I’ve ever had. And it’s great. We have fun, we laugh, but we’re not manic. We can be in the same room and not feel the need to go ‘are you all right?’ We are happy just breathing the same air. And getting married hasn’t changed that."

The musician and pilot has come a long way since his days of roughing it.

He said of his Isle of Dogs home in London: "There was polythene on the windows, they were all big pot smokers, so they’d all sit around smoking bongs then go back to their bedrooms and I used to roll myself up in a sheet and sleep on the couch. Luxury! It was one of these 1930s apartment blocks, and in a terrible state. Years later, after I’d joined Iron Maiden we did a song called 2 Minutes to Midnight. The video director said, we’re going to have these mercenaries holed up in a really disgusting flat. He showed me the picture of it, and I said, I used to live there!"