Businesswoman fined for performing sex act outside Waitrose

Beverley Dean, 54, admitted a charge of outraging public decency - Ricky Champagne/Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd
Beverley Dean, 54, admitted a charge of outraging public decency - Ricky Champagne/Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd

A businesswoman caught performing a sex act outside Waitrose blamed the stress of her firm going “belly up” during lockdown, a court heard.

Beverley Dean, 54, said her life was turned upside down after a company she ran with her husband went bust during the pandemic. The nature of her business was not disclosed in court.

Dean was fined £200 after admitting a charge of outraging public decency at Chester Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard how the 54-year-old shocked passers-by when she sat on a bench with her breasts exposed and performed a sex act.

Shannen Carey, prosecuting, said that Ms Dean “appeared to be masturbating”.

A mother walking by with her two children was forced to hurry them down the street so they did not witness Dean’s behaviour. She was eventually reported to the police by two financial advisers, who could see her from their office window in Northwich, Cheshire.

Police found a variety of sex toys in Dean’s handbag when they searched her.

Eyewitnesses told the police that she appeared to be filming herself under her skirt, but no footage was found on her mobile phone.

'Too embarrassed' to come to terms with her actions

Dean, from Rudheath, in Northwich, avoided jail at Chester Magistrates’ Court, with her lawyer reporting that she was “too embarrassed” to come to terms with her actions. Her ex-husband appeared in court to support her.

Shane O'Neill, mitigating, said he believed that she had found it difficult to come to terms with what she had done and was finding it difficult to discuss it.

"When I attended the police station following her arrest, she initially denied the matter," said Mr O'Neill. "She said the same to police as to the probation service.”

He added that Dean had not found it easy “to discuss this matter with myself”, as she had never even had a parking ticket before suddenly committing this type of offence.

Mr O’Neill said: "She had a business with her husband that went belly up. That put pressure on the relationship and the relationship split up. Though they are still good friends.

"Her life has been dishevelled before and after this incident. She has been staying with various friends and is now hoping to rebuild her life as she has got some accommodation coming up soon.”